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Pilla, Nasir



The purpose of this study is to explore the evolution of the implementation of a limb salvage program in a community hospital setting. It involves a retrospective record review from 2019-2023 comparing primary amputation rates versus successful revascularization in patients with peripheral vascular disease across time. We hypothesize that the primary amputation rate will demonstrate a relative decrease over time and that the revascularization rate will demonstrate a relative increase over time, supporting the implementation of Limb Salvage Program in the community setting. This study would provide the Vascular Surgeon in the community setting a framework for establishing a successful Limb Salvage Program. The professional gap this paper addresses are clarifying realistic expectations regarding time line and evolution of case load for Vascular Surgeons establishing practice and serving in community hospitals. Patient outcomes can be drastically affected by the implementation of Limb Salvage program where there is success in increasing revascularization rates and decreasing number of primary amputations performed.

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